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Your Full Service Tulare Marketing Agency

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Our dynamic team works together to develop cohesive digital strategies guaranteed to cut through online clutter and bring our clients results. These strategies blend technology and content to create engaging user experiences.


We develop innovative ways to promote our clients across social media channels while focusing on pragmatic objectives. Successful social media management serves as an effective tool for businesses of any size.


Nexus Point Marketing runs on developing unique solutions for Tulare's Realtors. Our creative department develops cutting-edge campaigns that are guided by strategy and fueled by ingenuity. With lead generating websites and landing pages.

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Our ad's plans are research-driven and results-oriented. This means we execute every ad's campaign across the most efficient traditional and digital media platforms.


Nexus Point Marketing works with clients’ management teams to determine and carry out the best short and long-term strategies to support their growth initiatives and improve brand recognition.


Nexus Point Marketing utilizes our Commercials to reach clients’ marketing objectives on a local medias, socials, and national scale and negotiate the best rates for our clients.

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Dream Big!!! Think Smart!!


At Nexus Point Marketing, we pride ourselves on truly being a full-service marketing management company, a one-of-a-kind agency in our market. We have the expertise and the resources to take your company through the strategizing process, determine an effective budget, branding and creative services, media planning and execution, and direct your grass roots efforts.


Viviana Tapia

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Karen Casio

Nexsus Point Wesbsite is an awesome company. The owner is creative, innovative and works with you to enhance and fine tune your website until it is exactly what you want.

I would recommend the company to anyone interested in a cutting edge, dramatic look.
Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Wolfgang Kovacek

Karinita is an excellent web-designers. She works diligently, is creative, is a good listener and is able to take feedback and transform it into great visuals.
The website she built for us attracted our target group of clients and we were overall very happy with the work that she did for us. Thank you, 5 Stars!

Our Team

8 years of Online Marketing experience from Miami to Los Angles. Karina Navarro and Cielo Hernandez open the doors to Nexus Point Marketing in Tulare, Summer 2022


Karina Navarro

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